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Hello friend,
My Name Is Brody Lee

Thanks for taking the time to come see who I am. It's always tricky to find a photographer who will step in front of the camera and put their face to the name. When you do though, you're bound to have a good time!

An adventure, couples portrait photographer based in Colorado, ready to travel to your next dream destination. Despite my deep Texan roots, I ran away to the mountains four years ago and haven't stopped exploring since. I have a lovely family of two cute, little doggos with my wonderful husband and business partner, Cory. 

I learned that life is going to throw challenges my way at any time, and I realized my greatest superpower: I can choose how I let things affect me and I can choose how to react. That's when it happened, I lost my job in the middle of the pandemic, it was a dark point where everything felt as if it was crumbling. 
I kept thinking, "I can feel my ceiling being lifted... I know that there's a light at the end of this tunnel... and I know I am meant for more." 

I wasn't set back when I was laid off, I was set-up. I was set-up to have the best job–my passionphotographing and sharing the stories of amazing people


Capturing your day as it naturally unfolds, allowing a comfortable, and candid approach to your photographs that share your story.
Building a personal connection is key in leading up to your session, regardless of the adventure. 
Understanding you both as humans, allows me to capture breathtaking & unique photographs that tell your story. 
Your experience is tailored and unique to you from the moment you book. This means the positive vibes, prompt replies, reliability, and professional service every step of your journey so you feel confident in your choice, have all the things you need, and excited for your day. 


Because your photos are an investment, it is so important that you vibe with your photographer and your values align.

Photos serve as a tangible representation of a moment that you can look back on and re-live the emotions time and time again.
Snap shots are easy, but crafting meaningful photographs is what creates the value that will last a lifetime. These images will bring back the feeling of being wholeheartedly present with your person, you will feel the excitement from that day, and the emotion of seeing your love. The biggest joy you can experience is that, with these photos, you will be able to remember the day exactly as it was. As time goes on, memories fade, and these photos will only  become more valuable as relics of your adventure to share with your family and loved ones. 
If you are looking for a photographer who goes the extra mile, so your session is just as unique as your story, is ready to hype you both up for your day, and guarantees fun and exciting experiences from start to finish then we will make a great match!

Let's Create Something Beautiful

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